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LOST CONNECTION on port side Volvo D6 310s

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  • LOST CONNECTION on port side Volvo D6 310s

    2005 28CC connection lost on port side engine helm display on almost every trip since the day we took delivery of the new boat. Sometimes it connects after 2nd or 3rd engine startup during trip.

    Display reads LOST CONNECTION but engine runs fine. Never a problem on starboard side display.

    Any suggestions?

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    had the same issue on my volvo 300's dealer replaced wiring harness from ignition to computer module on engine . loose connection on engine side just a thought
    2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS


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      We advised our dealer a few times in the beginning and he claimed he had never had this occur and had no solution. so now we just deal with it....


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        I have a 28 05 with d4 260's. had all kinds of prblems with helm units. Lost throttle controls, had everything replaced from all computer modules to harnesses to helm unit modules. The porblem was with the key switch install on that particular engine. Aparently the cut out was not perfect and the contacts were intermittently lost causing the malfunction. Try switching various inputs on the dash and see if you can isolate the problem. It does not sound like a software issue, but if you have changed the helm module the software compatabilty may be an issue. Let us know what you come up with.
        Also interested in your performance numbers and fuel burn with the 300's. I burn average 5-7 gallons per hour for both depending on head sea versus downsea trolling. My top end speed is 29knots WOT burning about 20gph. I have a tower and genset. Rob
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