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electrical problem need help ?

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  • electrical problem need help ?

    starboard engine shuts down when reducing throttle at around 1800-1600 rpms , then all gauges and key switch won't work . back a dock later in day engine fires up and all gauges okay ,go out for test run same thing ? any suggestions would be great , got to be electrical i think ?
    cummins 250 s 4bta 500 hours just replaced batteries .plenty off fuel .
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    electrical problem

    the problem was the 10 amp breaker on the engine went bad and the stop soleniod was loose . hope this will help some one in the future .
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      What are the locations of the 10 A breaker and stop solenoid you refer to?
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        They are specific to the motor. On the 4B the breaker is between the last valve cover and under the air sep (red button style breaker with a '10' on it mounted in a metal bracket).

        The stop solenoid is up on the fuel pump. If the bracket was a little loose the plunger wasn't drawing back in fully . . .

        Twin Fin I do not know what or where the Volvo 300 equivalent items are located.