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Sloppy steering on volvo outdrives

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  • Sloppy steering on volvo outdrives

    Hello all, first post. Great site by the way. Just purchased a 97 classic with 7.4 carb to outdrives.600hrs Noticed today for the first time(only had the boat two weeks) that I cant keep the boat straight without a lot of steering adjustment. Under power seems to be not so bad but just going slow its all over the place, any ideas Thanks

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    You must have a 25. The 28 responds like a sports car & the 25 must be oversteered at low speed. It's one of the biggest drawbacks on the 25. I'm told this occurs because the bow "hunts" & because of the weight of the engine forward, the operator must oversteer. When I went from my 28 to my 25 it took me a while to get used to it, but you will. Most likely there is nothing wrong with your steering system.



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      My last boat was a 2000 Albemarle 265 Express with a Volvo outdrive. If your CC25 has a Volvo outdrive, sloppy steering at low speed is a common problem due to excess play in the outdrive's steering helmet. Unfortunately, even if you replace the steering helmet with a new one, the problem will soon return.



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        No sorry guys forgot to post its a 28 with volvo outdrives, it has been in the water for 4 months without being moved, I am having it hauled and power washed i hope this is the problem, thanks


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          I just replaced the steering (pump and lines) on my 1995 CC28. The boat was almost impossible to steer straight at slow speeds. The hydraulic steering lines were originallly installed touching the exhaust outlet piping and would heat up causing steering to degrade further.

          The new steering installation works much better and doesn't wander around at slow speed. We used to think it was normal and didn't realize how bad the steering was until we fixed it!


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            Steering replacement

            I did the samething replaced with seastar, new hoses, and a Edson wheel.
            Handles like a different boat.
            1997 CC28



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              My 1994 28 jackshafted w/ hynautic steering was trouble free (the tower station pump had to be replaced once). I didn't experience any handling problems as you guys have described whatsoever. When I bought the 25 in 2002, I was surprised how lousy the boat handled at slow speeds. As I stated in my earlier post, I've gotten used to oversteering around the docks or at trolling. I replaced the factory hynautic with the seastar system & found the steering to be a bit more responsive but it still doesn't handle like my 28.


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                Trim Tabs all the way down provides tremendous improvement to the 25's handling at idle speeds. I always attributed the oversteer underway to "deep V wander".

                After tabs down, the only issue was oversteering while trying to dock. Lock to lock steering wheel turns seem excessive and the boat is very slow to respond in tight situations.
                2004 Carolina Classic, Volvo 300 KAD
                2004 Boston Whaler Montauk, 90 hp Merc


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                  Sloppy steering

                  IRC, can't thank-you enough. Tried the tabs down last week-end and was driving a new boat. That was the only _itch I had with the 25" classic. I hope Mac and Keith read this and advise other 25 owners. I love my boat and this is a great site.


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                    Deep V wander

                    Hot Rod,

                    You're welcome. I got that solution off of another board from another CC owner and it helped me tremendously on my new CC 25.

                    The only thing I hate is no tab indicators to tell me what position they are in. Looks like I'll have to go aftermarket to get the indicators.

                    I must have tabs up to put her in the boat lift. If I forget, damage would be a for sure thing. Maybe it's auto tab returns instead.

                    Don't understand how anyone can run tabs without knowing their position.
                    2004 Carolina Classic, Volvo 300 KAD
                    2004 Boston Whaler Montauk, 90 hp Merc


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                      I had auto tab return on my last boat. Wish this one had it. When you find some that will work -after market. Let me know. I also store mine in the rack and always have to remember to put them up.


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                        Bennett makes an auto retract that works with InstaTrim Boat Levelers. No indicators though.

                        They also have a new switch/indicator/auto-retract all in one unit. Boy, if I was spec-ing out a new boat now...
                        2004 Carolina Classic 25 - Little Dandy
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