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    The one system on the boat I have thankfully not had to deal with decided to s**t the bed so to speak this afternoon.

    Fortunately I tried to flush first and found the toilet was not flushing.

    Back at the dock; fuse was blown; replacement fuse blew. Jumper wire heated up instantly.

    The Jabsco macerator turns by screwdriver; when I j umper the fuse and press the either the flush or the lpump overboard button the cabin lights dim and the jumper gets red hot.

    So - how does the toilet work? Is there an electric vacuum pump that is shorted or locked causing my fuses to blow/ I know all about Jabsco's and the fact that the screw turns says its not likely to be the problem.

    Toilet was last used 3 weeks ago and was operational at the dock ( by me). I do not think its jammed and nothing unplesant is in it other than 9 years of residue.

    Advice on how to proceed please!

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    I had issues with mine today also but not like yours. 2 hoses were hooked up wrong.

    Anyway, do you have a vacuflush or electric flush? If you have a vacuflush I can probably help you out since I learned a lot on how they work. When you hit the pedal, does it suck out fast?
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      How to fix

      There is a macerator pump on the back of the toilet. It has 3 hoses; input, output and a water feed to the toilet bowl.

      I replaced mine this weekend by

      1. cutting the wires to the pump
      2. unbolting the entire toilet from the cabin floor
      3. removing in turn the 3 hoses and putting them in a bucket to drain; a 5 gallon bucket was too cumbersome - if I had to do it again, a 1 gallon pail would have been better.
      Once all connections and bolts were removed I dumped the remaining toilet water in the bucket and took the toilet up on the dock to work on.

      4. Unbolted old macerator pump from toilet ( 4 screws)
      5. scrubbed and cleaned the whole thing from top to bottom. For extra credit I sprayed and scrubbed the head floor thoroughly.
      6. Bolted new pump in place after carefully lubing and placing o ring gasket on pump housing
      7. Hauled toilet and pump back to head, bolted back on; replaced hoses and connected wires.

      The whole operation took 2 hr's from start to finish of which the 1st 30 minutes were spent trying to figure out how to get the pump off before I realized removing the whole this was the way to go.


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        Glad you got it fixed. I have the vacuflush head which I like better but takes up more room because of the vacuum tank.
        Life is to short for an ugly boat

        2015 Enclosed Helm 35