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Importance of Grounds

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  • Importance of Grounds

    While working on my recently accquired 25' CC I was checking out the fuel gauge senders. I found the port side sender ground broken/corroded off and the sender plate was about 90% eaten thru. There was some serious eroded spots in the tank under it also. I cleaned out the corrosion and applied phosphoric acid to further clean it and coated the area with zinc chromate paint. I installed a new sender bedding it in permatex right-Stuff to seal the area under between the gasket and sender to prevent any salt water from entering and generating corrosion to the damaged area.

    If you were to check most items on the boat subject to electrolysis you will see a ground wire running to it. With a little age on the boat some corrosion will develop on connections. These areas are subject to having poor contact between the ground wire and grounded item. You can actually measure a very small voltage differential across the grounding wire and grounded item witha Digital Volt Meter if the connection has deteriorated. A little maintenance of you grounds might save having a big problem at a later date. I'm reworking all the grounds on the boat and coating each with a anti-corrosion grease.

    I'm also spraying all the electrical connection with a common anti-corrosin spray found at most marine stores and even Home Depot.
    Advance, NC