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Back in the water and heading south

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  • Back in the water and heading south

    Very tough two weeks and a thanks to Mac and Keith for their support.

    I've learned an awful lot about shafts; keys, keyways and props in that timeframe and unfortunately know now how important proper prop. installation is.

    Here's an article worth taking a look at:

    The importance of the prop not riding on the key can't be emphasized strongly enough. When my engines were installed this technique or one like it was done by Layton, this winter my marina replaced prop's and set them up so the prop was riding on the key.

    220 hr's later - snap. When the prop was pulled from the other side; it had a 3/4 of the way around and wasn't far from going either.

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    Glad to see your boat operational again!

    Nick 2003 CC28 KAMD300


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      Sounds like your marina owes somebody some money. It seems like we have to become experts in every area that repairs are needed just to get work done correctly. Sould'nt be that way.

      I'm now having to educate my self about dampeners and torsional coupling - but that's another story...

      Wish Mac could be cloned so I could get things done right out here.
      Steve on Reel Screamer
      2004 Carolina Classic 28