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exhaust elbow leak

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  • exhaust elbow leak

    hey, has anyone noticed the exhaust elbow (black fiberglass, 90 deg.) leaking in their 28's? we have cummins 250's and the port I believe is cracked. it has been doing it for a while now judging by salt buildup but lately it got really bad causing the bilge pump to run a lot and if it broke big time before we caught it, it could really have been a lot of water coming in the boat which would have required probably to shut the port engine down and limp home and unless you have a spare exhaust elbow, and 15" hose clamps, nothing is going to make a field repair

    just check yours FYI, it seems this is a potential weak spot or we got one with a bad fiberglass construction as the boat is new and maintained well....this piece I assume is made in edenton

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    I have a 2001 with 250s and already had to replace my starboard side elbow about a year ago. I thought i got a a bad elbow but i think it is just the excessive heat on the tight bend.


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      Exhaust Elbow leak

      I carry a product made by Rotanium called Python wrap on my boat. Think this could be used in an emergency. The pack I keep is 4"x15', you soak it in water briefly, then use it like an ace bandage to wrap a wound. Then give it 30 minutes to cure out. It will with stand 500F and will adhere to fiberglass, steel and rubber. Good stuff and the package it comes in takes us very little room (6"x6"x2")
      David J


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        David, great idea. You have a source for that stuff.

        Can a silicone elbow be used instead of the fiberglass. these are on my 32 right after the riser.
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          Did you make your own or just order one from Edenton?



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            I actually got one from a local shop. There is a shop in are area that specializes in diesel engines and they actually had one on the shelf.
            Hopefully it holds up. Looks the same as old but its not black.


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              probably just as well, as mine is just flaking black paint off at the moment so the paint is really adding any desired benefit other than making a mess

              mind sharing the name or phone number if could possibly call and see if they have one?

              no one around my area can handle it


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                This is the name of the place I got my elbow in NJ
                Monmouth Marine Engines
                536 Union Ln
                Brielle, NJ 08730

                (732) 528-9290
                I don't remember the diameter of the elbow but if its 5" I found this place online that sells them also.

                here's another sells all sizes

                Not sure where you are located but your probably better off with the online ones.
                Well good luck and let me know how it goes.


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                  thanks for the help


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                    The parent company is Lawson Products, Inc. Phone # is 1-800-654-6333
                    David J