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fuel tank on 28 diesel

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  • fuel tank on 28 diesel

    Mac I have a 04, 28 with diesels, from what my dealer told me, 220 gals of fuel is usable, i've read some where that the tank is really 229 gals.My dealer told me you rate the tanks on usable fuel, is this true?
    2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS

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    Check the inspection hatch

    The tank has a label indicating capacity. Mine says 208 gallons; I have been led to believe that is standard for all CC28's.

    I've put 198 in there (once) and when I finished kissing the ground: changed both Racors and vowed never to cut it so close ever again!


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      I managed to squeeze 202 in my tank one time after a disaster of a trip that I would rather not comment on.

      I believe the tank is stamped 209 on the top @ the inspection hatch.

      I have heard some say that the "stamped" capacity is "usable" rather than total. I have not verified that comment though.

      "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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        Heard about that one

        Late June/West Atlantis?

        I was riding w/ Eric on the 36' downeaster that was chatting w. you.

        That did not sound like a fun ride home.


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          fuel tank

          i have owned 2 28s...2001 & 2004 both have tank stamped 209 gal..i think that is what the tank holds and the specs are bs ! i have never burned more than new yanmars burn 30 gal less on a canyon trip so with the new boat the fuel was no longer an issue.


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            What engines did you have in the old 28'? I have a pair of the 41P's and am concerned with the fuel consumption on canyon runs. Looking into Floscans to monitor the situation.
            Capt. B

            Now a 2014 28' Regulator
            Wall, NJ


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              my 2001 had cummins 4b250..the boat was in stock and i was in a hurry..these eng. were nothing but trouble and even when thy seemed to be running well they did not have the power to push the hull..i was lucky to get 20-22 kts with no load..canyon trips 18-19 kts at a little over 1 mpg..


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                That does not sound at all correct. I have an 01 with cummins 250's tower,genny... Loaded with 4 men 400# ice and a sh** load of gear I make 23.5 -24 Knots @ 2600. When light 25-25.5 @ 2600. Yes the boat is heavy and slooow to get out of the water but when up and running she moves along.

                My typical day trip to the hudson I burn 155-165gallons (195-205 NM)

                Did you have injector issues that were not addressed?

                "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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                  just to add my 2 cents, I have volvo 300's in my 04, and when I run to the canyons loaded 4 guys, 400 lbs. ice and the rest of the s%&%,I cruise at 3100-3200 doing 28kts burning 20gph total.From Staten Island, NY to the Hudson, troll 8hrs, burn apprx. 180 to 185gals
                  2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS


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                    cummins 250

                    i dont think the engines were ever fixed boat ran like s--t . i now have 315 yanmars and have found true happyness with a fast boat that cuts the slop like a knife and burns a lot less fuel..the other boat is someone elses prob macs defense they took the boat back to the factory for reworking over the winter of 03/04 but i cut a deal on a new boat at nyc boat show so i dont know what ever happened to my old boat.i was instructed by my friends not to ask any questions or have anything to do with the old boat so no jinx could be carried over !!!


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                      Fuel tank is stamped 209 and that is pretty much usable. Actual tank dimensions are a little over 209 but I would not count on much more.

                      FYI-- 4BT Cummins. The biggest problem we had was that when the engine started having injector issues a lot of mechanics did not understand what the problem was and assumed the fix was to change the prop pitch or take cup out. Not sure when or who changed props for biteme but that was pretty much all we did to the engines when we got the boat back down here. When we put the cup back into the props we picked up four knots at the same RPM. Because we are heavy and also a deep vee, don't let anyone take the cup out of your wheels guys, she won't run.

                      Boat really really loves 300 HP ! !

                      Tight lines,



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                        mac i know about the prop change but when they did that the boat would not come up to 3000 rpm..this service was done by a shop authorized by you !! but that doesnt mater anymore i am VERY happy with my new boat..but what about the issue of advertised fuel of 220 but a 209 gal. tank???????


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                          Fuel Tank & Guage

                          Originally posted by Mac
                          Fuel tank is stamped 209 and that is pretty much usable. Actual tank dimensions are a little over 209 but I would not count on much more.

                          FYI - Unfortunately I ran my boat out of fuel after a trip to the Bahamas had been safely completed. I was on my way to the fuel dock when it happened. The fuel tank holds 200gals. however, the fuel gauge reports just 1/10 less than half full when the tankis empty. I imagine that the wrong fuel gauge is installed for the type of Sender that is in the tank...maybe you can help me get that straightened out since I am in the warrnty period.


                          05 CC28