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  • Engine Temp Kamd44

    Does Anyone Have A Volvo Kamd 44 ? My Running Temp Is Around 198. I Don't Know If This Is Running Just A Little To Hot. I Have Changed My Impeller And Flushed The Cooling System Already.

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    I have the KAMD 43's one runs like 185 on one and 190 or so on the other. I believe the manual says anywhere between 75 and 90 C. I believe the 90 converts to about 194 F. My gauges are not marked in such a way as to allow you to read it to the degree.


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      Engine Temp

      I have a kamd 44. In the spring and fall when the water temps are cooler it runs at about 190. In the summer it runs just shy of 200. About 198


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        I have kamd 44 and was concerned about the temp last year. Port side runs at 198 and the starboard about 192. He took the temerature at the thermostat housing on both motoros when up on plane and said they were reading about 185 each. He doesn't put much faith in the gauges. He did tell me that the buzzer is designed to come on at 200.

        Based on the other responses...sounds normal to read in the high 190's.
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        Volvo Kamd 44p's



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          Engine Temp

          To qualify this: I am not a mechanic, however if you shoot the engine with a infrared heat gun at various places (on thermostat housings etc) and none of them come back high then you do not have a overheat issue, you have a inaccurate guage issue. (which is not a serious problem if they are consistent)
          2001 28\' 230 Volvo Diesels


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            Engine Temp

            Thanks For All Of The Replys. It Seems To Be Running Just Around Most Other Engines. A Little Higher In The Summer With The Warmer Water Temp And A Little Cooler In The Fall.