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Engine to Jack Shaft adaptor for 25'

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  • Engine to Jack Shaft adaptor for 25'

    Doe anyone know of a source for the adaptor that fits on the back of a 7.4L or 8.1L engine to adapt the jack shaft to the engine. I have purchased a 96 25' without the engine and it was removed with the engine. I spoke with Mac at Carolina Classic and he said he might have one but I haven't heard back from him. I will be buying a new Crusader 8.1L engine to install.

    I would also like to know the proper spacing for the trailer bunk boards. The one I have had the boards set on the sloped sides insted of the chines and they have bent the brackets as well as warping the boards.

    Advance, NC

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    Info For You !!!!

    We Have The Same C.C.,we Bought A New 2000 & Had A Trailer Built In Fl, By Tow Master.. Now We Just Got Our 2006 C.C. We Went To Morrhead N.C. & Picked Up The New Boat... The Boat Yard Was Setting The BunkS & Made A Mess Out Of It, I Am Setting This Up Now..
    When We Were At Town Creek To Pickup The New C.C. We Saw 5-6 25' C.C. In The Back Yard & The Trailers Were A Mess !!!!! & The Bunks !!! Our Beams Are Cypress & Are 4"x12" +they Run All The Way To The Back Of The Boat !!!!also We Have The 2x6 Boards Under The Boat To Keep Is StabLE When We Travel & We Travel A Lot . Like 1500 Miles Just To Get To Lapaz Baja Sir !!!!!give Me A Day Or Two & I Will Give You The Placement Of The Bunks To The Inch ....
    There Were A Few C.C. At Town Creek The Had The Motors Out, There May Be A Drive Line Adp. There ???/ Othere Than That Mac Can Get Them & I Think He May Have One In Stock.... Give Him A Call Later Next Week & He Will Help You !!!!

    Take Care ~ Norm~ IF You Have Time Look For A Yanmar For The C.C. You Will Love It !!! I ALSO HAVE A 2000 BRAVO THREE OUT DRIVE FOR SALE, IT IS APART & HAS A GOOD CASE & MOST OF IT IS IN GOOD SHAPE.
    25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!


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      I'm working on the trailer now. The boat came from Town Creek. I'm replacing the bunk board brackets with some I had made for my Donzi 25'. They are made from 1/2" aluminum with gussets welded in to keep them from bending. Some of the trailer brackets were acrtually rusted in to. I had a problem on the Donzi when I bumped a curb and the weight of the boat snapped 4 of the brackets. They were made from hardened aluminum not like to steel ones they seem to use today. I also need to replace the disk brake calipers and rebuild the master cylinder.

      The boat seems to be in good shape except for needing the engine. I'm going to replace the B/W radar with a Raymarine 10" RL80 Color one that I have here at the house and update the depth finder with the new one from the other boat. I talked to the former owner and he gave me all the books on the boat and said everything worked before he traded it to Town Creek.
      Advance, NC