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    Am currently in dry dock mode and going to paint bottom. Question- with the ablative micron paint how hard do you try to remove the left over paint over the primer? What grit paper to rough things up? How many coats of new are reccomended? thinking of 2-3. I am embarrassed to say I bought the west marine ablative paint couldnt spend $600 on 3 gallons of paint. I was told this is just as good, any comments???
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    I try to remove all old paint and apply over primer, 2 coats most of it, 3 coats transom, chines, stakes. Sorry do not know about west marine, use awlgrip gold and am very happy. Is your primer compatible with your paint?
    Still have not found solution for shafts, tabs... everything I used so far disappeared after just a few hours... any recommentations?



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      bottom paint.......

      You may also want to pay attention to the area under your raw water intake screens. I've been told that when the bottom was first painted it was done with the screens already installed. So the screens are painted over but the hull underneath is gelcoat. No barrier coat, no primer, no bottom paint. Seems like a bad place for a problem to develope. ??


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        good point... I forget some times to take care of this and most friends forget this as well



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          Bottom Paint

          You guys are putting it on I want it off ! Any helpfull ideas or does anyone know the best way to do this. My 25' is a 98', previous owner had it in the water and there are several coats on it now. The coats are very rough and are chipping off. I suspect it's causing quite a bit of drag. I keep the boat in rack storage and don't need the extra drag.


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            Soda blasting. Works great it cost about $900.00 for my 28
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              best way is to have someone else to it, seriously.

              when it comes to all things bottom paint related, it is best just to let the yard do is money well spent....this is not the place where you want to save a few bucks and search the internet to find a cheap/easy way....cause there is no easy way to PROPERLY refinish the bottom and get all the areas that need it

              now if you want to half a*s sand it a little and throw some more paint on, well, that is true internet

              with ablative paint, you do not want to remove all of it, just sand it lightly with a scotchbrite pad...and apply a fresh coat as is a good idea to change your bottom paint color once that way you know where to add new paint. you do not need 3-4 coats of ablative paint if you already have a painted hull

              again let the yard do all sanding/painting/blasting...go sit by the pool, spend time with family, rig baits or work topside on other things that need worked on...sanding the bottom is best done by robots
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