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  • Hurth Gear Box Noises

    Can any of you guys with 28's and Volvos coupled to Hurth HS63A or ZF63A gear boxes comment on whether or not you notice noises associated with shifting into gear?

    I just had my stbd gear box replaced under warranty at 300 hrs because (a) it was making a clattering noise when first shifted into fwd and (b) I found a small amt of metal shavings in my oil filter. Problem is that after 4 weeks in the yard and a lot of $$$ I had to chip in above what extended protection would cover, I hear the very same noise with the new gear box. stbd side makes the noise going into fwd and port side makes the noise going into reverse. Other directions are silky smooth on both sides. Noise is only noticeable when maneuvering around close quarters, ie - moving slowly so engines are quiet and shifting a lot. No performance issues noted.
    Steve on Reel Screamer
    2004 Carolina Classic 28

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    I have the same set up as you but have never heard those noises and haven't had any transmission problems.
    2002 28
    Volvo Kamd 44p's



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      i have the same noises as you in idle and in gear volvo tech told me its gear chatter and normal with the zf 63a's
      2004 28 VOLVO 300 DIESELS


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        I have this noise on the stbd motor at idle, was also told by a rep. from Hurth it is OK as long as it goes away when you increase th RPMs


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          Thanks guys for the replies. Hearing that others have the same concern makes me feel a little better. My mechanic and a colleague of his took another listen today. I'm waiting to hear what they have decided.

          Below is what Tony Athens had to say about my question when posted on


          I think you have (had) two issues, not related..Metal pieces, which was taken care of. And, some light gear clatter... This can be normal, especially at low RPMs when first put into gear. The type of torsional coupling that was installed (the flexible drive plate in-between the engine and gear) has much to do with that..

          A few months back, on a new Yanmar 440 repower, the seatrial was flawless except for a torsional mis-match between the Yanmars and the new ZF80A gears-- The noise below 800 RPM was horrible.. We looked into the couplings and found out that, after we bought them, ZF released a bulletin that said "DON"T USE THEM" because of noise issues.. We had to pull both gears and replace w/ the newer style couplings.. Silky smooth and quiet after the change out.

          In your case, If all seems smooth and quiet after engagement, I don't think you have an issue that is more than just annoying....The common coupling used for your motors was the CentaDual Flex-- They can be noisy w/ a Yanmar -ZF/Hurth gear combo--The New Vulkan Torflex seems to be a very quiet coupling by comparison.........

          Steve on Reel Screamer
          2004 Carolina Classic 28


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