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CC28- Dipped a corner today!

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  • CC28- Dipped a corner today!

    Somewhat playing to see what would happen. I was drifting an area behind a wip in a wind against tide situation. 20 knot winds; 2 knots of tide and 3' steep chop. A couple 3'ers hit me broadside and got the 1-2-3-snap roll going.

    For yucks because fishing stunk I redid the drift, leading with the stern quarter a couple times. 1-2-3, and on the 2nd try the stern corner dipped in and sloshed 20 gallons or so of water into the cockpit. I was ready and at the helm and powered out of the situation before the situation got out of hand. I replayed the drift 4 or 5 times the other way, broadside snap rolled but didn't take water; bow quarter - no problem, however drifting into the seas with the stern corner was downright scary the second time I tried because I saw the boat setting up to scoop a bunch of water into the cockpit.

    A 3'er wasn't going to hurt me but I still used power to bring the boat around before taking water again.

    One more drift, again at the helm ; straight broadside - no problem; while the boat leaned at what seemed to be an alarming angle it rolled adn came back before taking anything over the side.

    By no means a scientific experiment, but I'll think twice before drifting stern first into rips in the future.

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    Only 2 things I can say...

    1. I would feel much better if you always found good fishing. Poor fishing conditions don't suit you well.

    2. I'm glad you did not say that just for super - yucks, you tried that with the hatch open.

    Seriously though, good study.
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      It seems that you get a little scary when you are bored.

      Anyway, I just ordered a 6' drift sock to use when shark fishing in over 4' to tie to the stern quarter to turn the boat slightly so hopefully the snap roll will be less. Time will tell and will let you know how it works. And yes I will keep the hatch down.
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        Uh-uh - tie it to the bow!

        The point I was trying to make was that the worst angle of all was drifting into the seas by the stern corner. Broadside was snappy but didn't dip; stern corner first I scopped water.

        In any event; I was fully in control at the helm and its a lot better to understand the boat's tendencies in a controlled environment than to learn it in a rip at 8 PM on a dark October night.


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          Has the Drift Sock Helped?

          It seems a few drift socks were purchased this past winter / spring...have they made a significant difference?

          I am a new owner of a used 28 CC and primarily fish for sharks of the coasts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. We do a lot of drifting...

          Thanks in advance.


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            I have had some decent luck with drift socks on my 28. I use it on my spring line cleat starboard side. Turn wheel hard to the right. That makes the bow hit the wave first and cuts down on the snap. Still drifting sideways but just enough angle to help.