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  • jackshaft balance

    I read somewhere on this forum a while back about a kit for balancing the jackshaft. I have a vibration at 3000 rpm none below or above that rpm.Could someone that has done this explain the procedure and tell where I might purchase the kit. Thanks!


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    What motor and outdrive do you have? My boat has the the same vibration @ about 3050 rpm's. Just thinking maybe it might be related to something else,but more than likely thats probably the answer. I'm still under waranty and their suppose to come out and rebalance but I have not seen them yet. After they do it I will let you know if this remedies the problem.


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      Don't worry about the vib. at 3000rpms., its normal. I had the same on my 25 and so did every other 25 owner I know in my area. If you get the vib at other rpm ranges, I would be concerned.
      2003 28 Carolina Classic Volvo 300 diesels


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        jack shaft balance

        Talked to Keith at CC. He sent me the procedure for balancing the shaft,looks easy to do .Will find out this weekend.Tried to load as an attachment but the file was to big.If your interested send me your e-mail and I'll forward it to you.Great company to deal with,I'll get that 28 one of these days