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  • CC 25 propeller

    What is the orginal prop on the 2000 25 CC with 7.4 Gasoline engine, volvo dura prop outdrive. Also would the SS props have the same number as aluminum?
    Thanks in advance
    David J

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    I've got a 7.4 EFI (freshwater) and I've bee running the B3's w/o a problem if that helps.

    As far as the ss props, I don't use them, so I can't answer your question. Sorry.


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      B-3's ?

      I just put a new 454-375HP. ( costom built by Griffin Marine) in my 98' 25. I had B-5's on the last engine-310 HP. I was told to switch to B-6's. With B-5's the new engines wot is 4200 rpm's. and runns 41 mph. @3400 rpm's the cruise is 31mph. and I'm getting about 1.5 mpg. with a 1/2 tanks of gas. Should I leave the B-5's alone or try another combination? Can anybody help with this?

      What kind of porformance are you getting with the B-3's?


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        I would not change props the B-6's will drop WOT by about 250 rpm. Your engine builder can tell you what he built the engine to turn.
        A gas engine with less strain on it will run cooler and last longer. Also you should consider how you will run the engine in rough seas you don't want to have to slow it down so much that you make fall out of its power curve.

        Hope thet helps

        A free engine is a happy engine
        1997 CC28



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          Thanks, Brian.
          This is a great site. Being able to ask questions and share information with people that have the same equipment is worth more than most people can hope for. I've had the boat for just over 6 mos. now and loving it more and more every day. It uses more fuel than my previous twin outboards but the ride is more that worth it.


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            Props on on 25 CC

            I had to replace my props last year. Keith Previn of CC told me the largest props on the duo prop s/b B5's. I have '98 with 7.4 Gi Gas Engine.