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Help! I want a generator

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  • Split Decision

    What size generator do you need? Gas or diesel? How often will you need it?

    One option that some guys do is mount a 1 or 2000 watt honda on the hard top or fore deck when they need one. This is not a permanent installation but if you do not need it that often, it might be a much less expensive option. I think they can be had for around 1000$. (Could be wrong)

    If you go the permanent install, the smallest I have seen is around a 2. something KW . I don't have a 25 so I can't comment on the available space.

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  • John
    started a topic Help! I want a generator

    Help! I want a generator

    Has anyone been able to put a generator in a 25? I would love to know where they put it? Can it fit inside the transom fish box if I give that up?