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  • CC 28 w/Crusaders

    My partner and I are weighing our repower options. We currently have 1995 with 7.4 litre Merc straight inboards. We would like some more range, but are fearsome that we don't put enough hours on the boat to warrant diesels (100 to 125 hours per year).

    Does anyone have performance spec's on how the 28 does with 8.1 MPI Crusaders?

    "Spool's Out"

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    Hey Bruce,

    I be willing to bet that the 8.1 fuel injected engines will deliver better economy than the old carb'd 7.4 engines. That said, you might also consider the Crusader 6.0 375hp, a lot of boats in the great lakes area are choosing this option.
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      I just went through this dilema a couple of months ago and did a spread sheet comparing the estimated fuel savings of the 8.1's to the 7.4's and determined with about 200 hours a year it would take 17 years to save the cost of the 8.1's ver. new 7.4 base engines. When you go to the 8.1's you also need to have mufflers installed in the stringers by the fish boxes.
      I also rebuilt the carbs then I jetted them for the boat. My brother owns a pro race car and we used an O2 sensor and an exhaust temp probe hooked up to his laptop to find the right jetting. My boat full of gas with 5 people and gear on it burns on average 26.5 GPH total at a 28 knot cruise. That number is from the flo-scan that I check each time I refuel.
      Now with all that the EFI motors will burn cleaner at idle and troll and will start easier in cold weather. I just like the simplicity of the old carb motors.
      Hope this helps, but may be more confusing.

      1997 CC28



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        We now have a D300 Volvo in our new CC25 , we had a CC25 with 7.4, we fish more now because we burn alot less fuel, Mac even said we would fish more and he was right.


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          How about 6.0's?

          I just spoke to a couple at the Seattle Boat Show who is awaiting delivery of their new 28 with Crusader 6.0's. They plan do some cruising in the PNW and said they were told the boat was fine with just the T/6.0 litre. I am hoping they are right any word on these from the street?

          By the way, thanks to all that reponded. We appreciate everyones opinon and take it all in!


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            When I spoke to Mac he said the worked very well for the straight inboard application but not as well for the Jackshaft. There are a couple of people on the board that have repowered with them and are happy. One of them that I called told me it cost them about $31000.00 for the repower with all parts and labor. If I can find it I will send you their phone #.
            1997 CC28



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              Brian / Low Profile,

              Which worked better for the straight inboards: The 8.1's or 6.0's?



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                The 6.0's were great from talking to the guy's in Huron, OH. much quiter and more fuel efficient than the 7.4's or 8.1's.
                1997 CC28