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Water Ingestion - Exhaust modification

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  • Water Ingestion - Exhaust modification

    Good morning Mac:

    I just repowered my C/C 25 with another Volvo Penta 8.1 because of an overheating incident wihich "scuffed" several cylinders. You are quoted in a past article related to this engine and its potential for water ingestion as recommending an "exhaust modification." As you might imagine I want to limit any exposure to future problems and look forward to your recommendations on how to address this.

    Many thanks.

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    There were actually 4 modifications made. I had all 4 of them. The first 3 failed and the 4th one worked up until I sold my 25. I assume its still working for the present owner, but I do know that there have been many failures with the latest exhaust system in the 25 and 28 CC.
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      Water Ingestion

      Many thanks for your reply. I have a '95 25'C/C which I love. What type of modifications did you do?


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        If your boat is a 95 is the new motor fuel injected?

        IF not fuel injected no exhaust mod is needed.
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          Water Ingestion

          The motor is fuel injected.


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            Give me a call at 252 482 3699 and we can discuss and see if the modification has been done.



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              Water Ingestion

              Thanks Mac.....I will call you.


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                let er rip....
                Would you mind sharing the information you got from Mac?


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                  water injestion

                  No secrets, give me a call. There have just been so many changes, depending on the engine and boat exhaust installed that I want to make sure we do what is needed. Also want to make sure everyone is aware that the engine needs to be shutdown in a certain way after use. Anyone has any questions, give me a call and I'll try to answer them.



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                    mac - i bought a 1998 cc 25 from terry at town creek in august 2005. it has the volvo 7.4 efi. great boat in my opinion.

                    i was aware of the exhaust ingestion issue when i bought the boat, but terry assured me the exhaust upgrade modification had been made and that there had been no reported problems in those engines with the upgrade performed before 200 engine hours. however, i think the upgrade work was done in 2004 at 70West when terry was still over there or in his transition to town creek. the engine had excellent compression, but only 196 hours at the time i purchased.

                    i am aware of the rev to 2000 rpm for 2 minutes shutdown procedure.

                    but, for those of us who are not mechanically-inclined or knowledgable on such matters, perhaps you can provide some current info, suggestions, assurances, and heads-up/what to look for ideas.

                    i've just started sportfishing out of morehead (dry stack at 70West), and i'd like to know what i need to look for, be prepared for, and do on this issue based on your experience and recommendations. also, i think a written explanation here will go a long way in easing some of the paranoia on this issue... thanks.



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                      Water Ingestion

                      Had a good discussion with Mac today regarding the procedure to address the closing down the engine. The recommendation is to, at the dock upon returning to the dock, run the engine at 2000 rpm for 2 to 3 minutes then shut off engine immediately. Based upon this approach challenges related to moisture is removed. I very much appreciated the time spent with Mac this morning. He is very sincere in addressing topics related to his boats including their power.
                      1995 25\' Carolina Classoc


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                        What about a flapper assy to go over the exhaust so that when you sut down fairly quick the backwash doesn't enter the exhaust system. I have seen suggestions to back it down slowly to avoid this but I would think some sort of flap across the exhaust would also help in a sudden shutdown?

                        Running the engine helps to dry it out before a long shutdown and possibly after fast shutdowns.
                        Advance, NC


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                          I just found a source for a flapper assembly that fits inside the exhaust hose. They are stainless steel and have a lifetime warranty. I plan to put one in the 5" hose going to the rear. It won't stop small amounts of moisture but a major inrush will be stopped. Crusader in their installation manual states that the warranty depends on having one installed. I called Crusader about them as they showed a flapper kit in their installation manual. They no longer have them but recommended Stainless Marine as having the best one available

                          Stainless Marine is located in Opa Locka (Miami), Fl and the units are available in 4" and 5" models with a lifetime warranty. They run about $79 for the 5" one. The unit is about 4" long and will fit tight in the hose and if you want you can put a hose clamp on the outside to hold it in place. Here's the web site showing one.
                          Advance, NC


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                            have 95 25cc with Merc 454, with carb. Have never had these ingestion issues. Do I read correctly with this setup not an issue? jd


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                              Not an issue with the old carb engines. Only with the newer injected vortec engines because of the valve overlap. You could call Mac just to put you mind at ease.
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