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25' fuel consumption rates

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  • 25' fuel consumption rates

    I have a 2001 25' with the Volvo kamd43p deisel without a flow meter and I'm trying to get a better handle on fuel consumption rates. Here's what I typical offshore trip is 180nm round trip consuming 105 gallons over 7.5 hours of running at ~3600 rpm (20-21 kts. on the way out; 22-23 kts. on the way in) plus 5.75 hours of trolling at 6 to 7 kts. (don't remember the rpm's). Based on these numbers, if I'm burning 3 gals/hr on the troll then I'm using 11.7 gals/hr running. Burning 4 on the troll means 10.9/hr running. Burning 2 on the troll, means 12.5 while running. Does this make sense? Which is it?

    Does anyone have any info on fuel consumption rates for this boat? Either running or on the troll? BTW - I will be getting a flow meter. Thanks!
    2001 25\'CC
    KAMD-43P Volvo deisel

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    I had them on my r42's - waste of money.

    I believe the 42 maxed out at 12 or 13 GPH; I burned 10 GPH @ 3350 so 11.7 at 3600 makes sense.

    As long as your not in supercharger mode on the troll I can't imagine burning more than 3 GPH.