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  • Engine coupler-dampner

    The rocks are tough on props. Fishing Lake Erie a hit a reef trolling at low speeds and damaged both props. I have since purchased 2 Acme props and love them. The boat (2003-28CC with twin 8.1's) handles better and top end speed is 4-6 MPH faster. Here's my question. The engine couplers always seemed to click and make some noise at idle speed. The props seem to have made the noise in the port engine go away but the starboard is louder than normal-much louder. My thought is I also damaged the coupler during my hit. Is there a new and improved coupler that I can install? I'm convinced the trans has to come out to check the coupler and would like to have one on hand just in case my prediction is correct.

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    my father is a mechanic from the old school and one of his tricks is to use a stethoscope that the doctors use. Take off the end and insert a rod about 2' long into the tubing. Run the engine and put the rod on different parts of the gear and bellhousing and you should be able to zero in on where the noise is coming from. It's amazing how well this works.
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      Did that already-same school as your Dad.. The noise is coming from the bell housing area which leads me to believe its a coupler. Any idea on a replacement coupler (make/style)??? THANK YOU.


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        Most of the time the starboard transmision will always make more noise than the port. If it a tapping clicking sound like a loose engine valve it is most likely torsional vibration and if it does not change in pitch with the engine speed it is usually normal. I had the same concerns and spoke to the folks at ZF Hurth.


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          Well it finally broke....I hope. Went fishing last weekend and after being chased off the water by a storm I ended up a local river and enjoyed the views of the local homes. This also caused me to work the transmissions more than normal - much stopping, turning and spinning. Once the storm blew over I hit the lake and the starboard engine was making more noise than normal and finally stalled the engine. Good oil pressure and temp was normal. The noise still seems to be from the coupler area. I will check computer codes and check engine compression this weekend and if all is OK I'm pulling the engine to check the coupler. My mechanic thinks the coupler came apart is is binding in the flywheel/bellhousing. I'll report back next week and on my findings. Thanks to all that have posted replies.