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Compressor Problem?

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  • Compressor Problem?

    My 2002, 28 has KAMD43P motors, I understand they are both supercharged and turbocharged. I can hear the supercharger kick in at about 1500 RPM and am assuming it is to aid in getting up on plane. today while running the starboard engine just did not feel right, when I got back to the dock I brought the RPM's up slowly, sure enough at 1500 I could hear the super kick in, however at about 2000 rpm it started making a noise like a belt was slipping and the RPM's fell off. After a few seconds the noise would stop and it would be fine. I checked the belt for the compressor and it seemed tight. Any ideas?

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    Ok got her fixed, lucky to find someone local who really knows these engines. As soon as he heard the symptoms he knew right away it was a bad water pump belt. Got all the belts replaced, another throttle cable bracket put on the valves adjusted and and few other minor things done. Running like a champ again. He was able to tell me more about these motors than anyone I have talked to. Finding a honest knowledgeable mechanic is worth whatever they charge.


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      Anyone know the best 43P mechnic in the Morehead City, Nc area?