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28 cc engine hatch

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  • 28 cc engine hatch

    My engine hatch wont open on my 2002 28 can hear the motor but bu nothin moves two ?'s #1. Is there a way to get the hatch open ???? #2 Could it be a leak in the fluid ????? sounds like some thing hiss when motor for hatch is runnin???? Im hopeing somebody on here can help Thank you

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    engine hatch

    I have never had to try this - but I believe you should be able to open your engine compartment manually by first switching the bypass valve on your hatch hydraulics. On my 04 CC28, the valve is located just forward of the port fish box, under the deck. My hydraulic reservoir and my hatch solenoids are also under there. Switching that valve should free the resistance in your hydraulic system that is created when you try to open the hatch manually. I would guess it might take a couple guys to get the hatch open - it's gotta be very heavy. Once you get it open you should be able to diagnose the cause.
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      I had lost my 12V system and also could not get my hatch up. remove the port fish box and turn the yellow handled valve. It will take at least three of you to do the job two to lift it and one to brace it up with a 2x4 about 6 feet long. Make sure it is braced good it is very heavy and could really hurt someone if it fell. With the valve turned the hydraulics are disabled and there is nothing to hold it up save whatever you use for a brace.


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        thanks guys im gonna try when i get a few guys down at the boat today im still open for sugestions


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          You might also be able to rig a block and tackle from the tower and put a hook under the back lip. Might be a little safer.

          I thought about this on my 32 which has a much heavier deck.
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            I also tried the block and tackle deal and it did work, however I was worried about the amount of pressure on the lip of the hatch at one point where the hook was under it.


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              thanks guys for the help i got a rebulid kit for the piston and all is good now thanks again