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  • Exhaust Upgrade

    I am looking at a 1999 28 CC with 7.4's. I know they are consider the worst but plan on repowering with new D4 Volvo's over the winter. But would like to make it through the rest of the summer. How do I tell if the upgrade has been done?


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    I know that there were a few different versions on the exhaust risers. First off, do you have a carb or fuel injected. If it is a carb engine, don't worry about it. They are not the ones with the problems.

    If injected, go to the albemarle site and post the question over their. I think all the 28 owners on here have diesel boats and might not be able to help you. I know there are some gaser owners over there that have the new exhaust.

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      Your 7.4's are probably fuel injected so I would call Mac and have him send you the latest design. The latest exhaust, at least in the 25CC has blue rubber elbows on the bottom which lead into a Y connector. The elbows coming off the risers have a hose connecting them running across the back of the engine. These metal elbows also have a waffle type opening obviously only visible when apart.
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        Exhaust modifications

        I have a gas 28 that I have repowered from 7.4's. There are many variations of the mods. I would ask Mac, He was very helpful to me.

        Carburated 7.4's with the high (engine compartment mounted) muffler do have the problem, however some engine compartment mounted mufflers have had mods wich correct the problem. If your Mufflers are mounted outside the stringers next to the fish boxes, you will not have a problem, run her until she drops.

        The bottom line is that if you call mac and describe your setup, he can tell you what you have.

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