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25 CC with 230 Volvo diesel

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  • 25 CC with 230 Volvo diesel

    I was looking at the 25 CC with the 230 Volvo Diesel Year 2000
    I wanted to know the cruise and WOT Numbers to expect !
    Any Problems? what to look for ?


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    I have the same boat with the KAMD43(230hp). My typical trip offshore load is 3/4 fuel, three people, 1/2 tank fresh water, gear, and ice. With this load I make a 23 knot cruise at 3500 rpm. With the same fuel load, but without the offshore gear and ice I will make about 24-25 knot cuise at 3500 rpm. My WOT is 3850-3900, depending on load, make right at 30 knots with B4 props. I like the boat and you can't beat the fuel eff. I typically run 45-50 miles out and troll all day on 48-52 gallons. Hope this helps.


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      Reel Lady-- That helps alot
      I have a house in Mcginnis Point in Pine Knoll Shores, so we are going out the same Inlet. I fish offshore alot on other people's boats just wanted to be able to get their on my own! Average day is 3 to 5 in the stream and
      I would think that CC25 handles better than a Grady or Pursuit out their!
      And I love the ability to raise the motor if needed to beach it at Shackford banks. How does the boat handle the tidal current in Bogue sound and the current in the stream? Is getting the boat to plane a problem?
      I have seen plenty of them so I know about the lack of fish boxes and the lay out.

      Thanks Matt


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        Getting the boat on plane is not problem, but a little slower than the gas boats. It runs better with a little tab in it when loaded, so I use the tabs to help plane the boat faster. I have been in a boat with the KAMD44P (260hp) too and it was a litte slow out of the hole compared to the gas boats. I don't know about the boats powered with the KAMD300. I will plane the boatt then adjust the trim of the drive to a point it sounds like it wants to run, then trim the boat with the tabs. This is the second 25 I have owned and both like to be trimmed that way. Then fuel eff and the price of diesel at the marinas far out way the slower cuise and the slower hole shot. Hope this helps.


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          That was me above. I forgot to log in.