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Livewell plug and buildout?

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  • Livewell plug and buildout?

    My livewell plug is leaking air omewhere in the threads or nozzle which effectively kills water pressure in the raw water washdown.

    Anyone know where to get a replacement; or alternatively where the Y between washdown and livewell occurs so I can cap the livewell outflow down there. Hint - its not at my pump .

    I've also reached the "I don't need my livewell" phase of the season and am looking for clever storage suggestions for the unused space.

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    Hey Backman,

    On our Albemarle we use our livewell as the beer/soda cooler.


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      Thats a lot of beer

      32 gallon coolers are a bit much in terms of wasted space!


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        livewell pump

        # 1.. i think your boat has a wash down pump and livewell pump...# 2...if a 32 gal.cooler is to large you are not drinking enough !!!


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          Old school 1998 version

          1 pump - y valve connection somewhere between the pump and thewashdown valve. I know I've seen the Y in my travels throughout the boat innards; just don't recall where.


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            live well

            On the 25 (don't know the others) IF the outlet is leaking air, this is a simple plastic screw in 'plug'. You can replace the little rubber gasket, but just eaiser to run down to Walmart (Bass Pro, West Marine, etc) and pickup a new screw in outlet. From $5 to $10 (same unit). Mine did the same, replaced it with the one from my river boat and it works just fine.


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              Worked on it this weekend

              adn even with gaskets and tape i couple not get an airtight seal - watertight yes; but it still pumps continuously.

              It appears the fitting the plug screws into is deformed; possibly from someone screwing too hard; thus causing the air leak.

              An ugh - the Y-junction is down the 6" inspection port below the port tower leg. No easy way to get 2 hands in there and see what I'm doing!


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                We need to make one of those Honey I Shrunk The Kids machines to work on these things but I must say that the 32 is far better than the 28.

                Did you make any progress yet?
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                  Not yet

                  and to be honest after 7.5 hard years I am thinking the smart thing is to replace the whole system rather than continuing it dink around with it.

                  If I could i would swap hoses onto the fresh water pump as a test; but the raw water pump on the 98 model is behind the drawer liner and cannot be reached without removing the drawer and liner - lots and lots of screws!