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starboard engine won't start!!

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  • starboard engine won't start!!

    We bought a 28 CC last fall that had volvo 8.1s installed about 2 years ago. Twice this year the muffler has cracked and sprayed salt water all over the engine. The last time was Memorial day. We repaired the muffler with a fiberglass patch both times. This Friday (June 17) we went out and the starboard motor had a major problem starting but we finally got it cranked. I cracked the engine compartment and it sounded like it was sucking a lot of air (much louder than the starboard motor). Then it sounded like it was backfiring so we shut it down. the next day we checked it over for any obvious problems but found none. Tried crnking the motor up but couldn't get it to fire up (turned over but wouldn't catch). We could hear the fuel pump pressurizing the system and we definately got fire to one of the spark plugs. We gave up as we couldn't figure anything else to do.

    After all that we decided to start the port engine and then that one wouldn't start. It seemed the battery on that side was weak. During all the trouble shooting we were hooked to shore power and we weren't using the port battery for cranking the starboard engine. We looked at the guage on the battery charger after reconnecting the shore power and nothing registered on the guage (the charger was turned on at the main panel).

    Any ideas??

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    problem solved

    Apparently it was the fuel pump. Is this something that fails frequently? For an engine less than 2yrs old and a part costing ~$700 it seems to me it should have lasted longer.


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      I'm glad you found the problem. Being that it is only 2 yrs old is there any chance that it would be under warranty with the engine manufacturer?

      Seems the gas parts are getting close to the diesel parts in cost. I would hate to see what a fuel pump would cost for my engine.
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