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balancing the jackshaft.

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  • balancing the jackshaft.

    Anyone do this yet? I'm going to do it this weekend weather permitting. I've got the instructions and weight kit. Any experiences to share? Any adhesives working better than others?

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    Well, to sum it up, it was a piece of cake. I'd try to explain, but the directions that came with the weight kit made it easy. Less than 10 minutes to locate the "location" for the weights, some clean up on the shaft, and presto. Just gotta finish the clean up, and get some paint on it now.

    If anyone else sets out to do this, its easier than it looks, and it looks easy.


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      I've posted some preliminary info in the Introduction area, but your post may seem to begin to answer my first question.

      I have a '93 Albemarle Jackshaft 740.
      My vibration is very specific. It's between 2600 and 3100 RPM's. Below and above this range, runs like a top. No noise/vibration of any kind.

      Vibration also seems just a bit worse when the drive is raised.

      I haven't heard of a balancing kit before, can you post some more info on the kit or any other problem areas that I may be concerned with?

      Thanks in advance


      Sorry for the double post, I got logged out without knowing.


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        I would like some info on the balancing. I have just purchased a 96 25' carolina Classic that the engine has been taken out of. I was talking to a friend this morning and he had a outdrive replaced on his and said they didn't rebalance the shaft and it had a vibration. They welded a piece of metal to the shaft to balance it.

        Where did you get the balancing kit. I would assume the proper spot could be found by using a hose clamp with a weight and sliding it around. Also does the shaft have to be realigned to the gimble bearing? If so I will check that out and buy the alignment tool unless someone in the Winston Salem, NC has one I could borrow.

        I haven't seen the boat yet as my son made a rush trip down to Beauford to get it before someone else got to it. Hopefully the adaptor on the rear of the engine that the jack shaft bolts to is there. Mac Previtt told me it runs about $2k if it is missing.

        I plan to buy a new 8.1 Commander drop in FI engine to put in it as he said that they had the best luck with them and non of the water ingestion problems with this engine.

        Any other hints from anyone would be apreciated especially how to get the engine in the boat and alighn it with the jack shaft if needed.
        Advance, NC