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  • Steering from tower

    OK, thought I had all the problems worked out, today we took it out for a spin. It was a 10 of a day so I thought I would try and drive for the first time from the tower. After about 30 seconds I realized the steering wheel was tunring but the rudders were not getting the message. Am I missing something a switch or valve that needs to be turned somewhere in order to steer from the tower?

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    Was your auto pilot turned off/standby mode?


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      That helm is the high point of the system. Just check and see if is full of fluid.
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        Thanks Guys, no autopilot, I will check the fluid


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          i have that same prob. every do you fill the upper res. without spilling fluid all over the rest of the boat ???


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            tower fluid

            If your upper station is just low on fluid adding more is simple. I use a 50 ml syringe with a short stretch of tubing attached so air escapes easily. You should though, try to figure out where you are loosing fluid.

            If you have air trapped throughout your system I think you will need to open some bleed valves at your ram to purge the system properly.

            The only leak or mess I've ever had with my steering fluid is when my tower was added out here and the installer forgot to switch my lower helm pump cap to the non venting type. Upper station should be the venting type cap - lower station non venting.
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              Thanks all, I think I got it working. Just got one of those condiment squirt bottles and slowly added fluid till it was running out the fill hole. Took about a half a bottle. Replaced the cap and gave the wheel a turn until I started feeling resistance. I could feel some air in there, so I removed the cap and sure enough it was down just a bit, refilled and I believe it is ok now. At least it will make about 5 turns each way to a stop now before it would turn forever. Sea Star has a good web site with directions for filling and purging the system. I wil have to keep any eye on her to ensure there are not leaks somewhere however. Thanks again.