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Cracked ATF cooler lines

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  • Cracked ATF cooler lines


    I'm at about 185 hrs and 18 months on my 04 CC28 (Volvo KAMD 300's) and this weekend I noticed cracks developing in my port side ATF cooler lines. (See pics below) They have an awful tight radius on the bend that seems to accommodate their being routed beneath the port side exhaust run. The cracks are developing on the outer side of that tight radius. I'm concerned about loosing a gear box when one of the lines cracks all the way through. Starboard side is OK and there is a much slower bend on those lines.

    1. It looks like the fittings have to be replaced with the lines. True?
    2. Any special tricks or cautions related to replacing them?
    3. Can I get replacements from the factory or do I need to go through Volvo or Hurth?
    4. Seems quite early to have to replace these lines. Is there a better way to route these so we don't have to put such a tight bend on them? Is tubing length increase an option?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    2004 Carolina Classic 28