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fuel burn numbers? help please

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  • fuel burn numbers? help please

    i am currently looking at an 2002 carolina classic with a Volvo KAMD43P diesel installed. i was wondering if anyone could give me some fuel burn numbers for this setup, or just a 25 classic with a similar motor as i seem unable to find them anywhere else.

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    have cc25 1998 w. a kamd 43, dpe out drive w. b 5 props that are alum. my boats got all the options bells and whistles.

    fully loaded 3 adult,full fuel, bait ,ice offshore gear to the canyons @ 3200rpm-3300 rpm i cruise at 16-17 kts.

    on the way home at 3300 rpm 19.5 - 21.5 kts.

    my volvo mech. eckle's said the enj. will last longer if you run it at or below 3400rpm cruise speed. volvo says to run her at 200 rpm below max. rpm....i run my boat 400rpm below max.

    i have gotten the boat to top out @ 3700 rpm at 26.5 kts w. two people on board and a full tank of fuel. some guys get there boat to top out at specs. 3850-3900 rpm @ 29kts.

    cruising i burn 10.5 gallons an hour...i think the max a 43 will burn is 13 gallons per hour.

    i would like to see what your numbers are call me if you have any questions @ 609 675 6558
    playin' hooky
    1999 25'
    Volvo Kamd 43