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Swim platform brackets loose

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  • Swim platform brackets loose

    I just purchased a 1997 CC and while going over some things I noticed that the brackets that support the platform are loose. I removed the bolts and noticed that the bolt hole in the transom was wet looking.
    Any suggestions on drying out the holes and filling with some sort of sealant and re attaching the bracket.

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    Even light bulbs work well as they basically are keeping the surrounding air dry. A heat lamp of course would work but if it were mine I would keep the area dry from the elements and let the holes dry out naturally if you have time on the hard to spare. After things are dry a liberal application of 3M 5200 will seal them forever. Ensure that you get plenty of 5200 in the holes, coat the bolts etc. Don't just rely on a dab under the fastener. Good luck.
    2001 CC 28
    Yanmar 300's


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      Thanks Patriot for the info. I will take out all of the bolts and let dry and try the 5200.
      Thanks again