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Fuel tank problems???

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  • Fuel tank problems???

    I am looking at a previously owned cc25. The boat has been well mantained and it has alot of extras, but to the point, my only concern w/the cc25 is how would one go about replacing the fuel tanks if it was ever required. Has anyone replaced theirs. thanks

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    I would suggest you call the factory and speak with Keith or Mac. When I inquired years ago about replacing the tanks on a 28, they informed the only time they had to replace a tank was in the case where the boat had sunk, and sand made it's way into the tank. As long as the gasket on the access hatch does not leak, I believe the tank is totally enclosed and not subject to water penetration.
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      I would pull the round hatch cover over the senders and make sure that the ground wire is attached to the tank and the sender. I found a ground wireon my starboard sender had come off and there was serious corrosion on the sender and starting on the tank.

      When they say maintain a boat it means check everything out. I always looks at the hoses, fuel lines, grounds, electrical connections for corrosion and anyother thing I can think of. Pulling the outdrive and props off every year to lube the splines is also included.

      I'm also going to check into a way to fog the engine after each use to make sure I don't have any condensation in the exhaust manifolds to rust the valve stems even if I do have a new Crusader engine. They supposedly don't have the problem but i'm going to make sure of it. Putting 2 cycle oil in the fuel filter and running it after each use is too much trouble.


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        Thanks For The Input Mind You I Do Not Have A Problem W/the Tanks. It's About The Only Thing That I Could See To Ever Be A Major Repair To A Otherwise Perfect Design. I Have Been On Alot Of Other Boats With No Comparision. To Date. I Look Forward To Many Years Of Enjoyment From Her. A True Legend In The Making.


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          I had the same question about the tanks before I bought my CC25, I come the David Pascoe school on boat design

          I asked Mac and he explained that the tanks were enclosed so they would have less chance of getting leaked on by hatches. But if they do get wet, they are set upon a frame that allows air to circulate around them so they will not sit in moisture. Mac felt extremely confident that the tanks will not need replacing with this design.
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