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Cold weather and a drop light

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  • Cold weather and a drop light

    I didn't think to winterize my CC25 last week and the boat is out of state and too far away to get to. The boat is raw water cooled. Anyway, the temp is supposed to be 25F tonight. The boat is right next to the river so I'm hoping that the heat from the river will keep the air a couple of degrees warmer than the predicted low.

    I had a friend put a 100W drop light in the engine room and close the hatch. Any ideas if that will be enough? I'd hate for anything to happen since I have replaced my hoses, manifolds, risers, thermostat, raw water pump, etc. and the engine is running great.

    The temps will be be well above freezing tomorrow onward.
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    I live in NJ. New Years eve a boat in a lagoon over from me went up in flames, He too put a light bulb in the engine room. My advise do it right and dump some atifreeze in and sleep well at night.


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      I would put in antifreeze if I could but there was no way to get to the boat in time. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed!


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        If properly placed it shouldn't be a problem. I have hung two of them in the compartment on a 25. They were trouble lights with shields on them and suspended away from everything. I wouldn't use large bulbs.

        If I were you I would get a Groco flush fiitting an put it in the intake line. Keep a short piece of waterhose with a male fitting on it and store a few gallons of RV antifreeze. The boat can be winterized in 30 minutes this way.

        I used 6 gal on my FWC Crusader but I ran antifreeze in until I could see some pink coming out the exhaust so I'm sure even the muffler has it in it.


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          The light is a shielded trouble light. My friend told me he hung it away from fuel lines and is basically heating the air.

          I do have the Groco fitting...I just haven't been able to get the old elbow off of the seacock. I'll have to work on that next.


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            I had a tough time with that one also. I finally got the fittings loose. There isn" a lot of room to play with it. Once you get the fitting on it will make flushing the engine a lot easier also.

            While you are at it if you haven't replaced the intake water line I would do that also as it lays in the bilge area and I found that several of my lines that were in the bilge were damaged due to what I believe was strong bilge cleaners having been used in the past that weakened the lines. I have replaced every line on the boat except for the line that dumps the toileed overboard as I can't get to it. It's behind the holding tank and the tank is stucdk to the resin coating the wood.