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Grease those Duoprop props!

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  • Grease those Duoprop props!

    My props were supposedly pulled last Fall and has see limited water use since then. I wanted to pull the props to put on a new set of B-5's and have the old ones reconditioned.

    Long story short....The smaller outer prop came off fine. The inner prop had to be cut off. $400 and a ruined prop later I finally have the new set installed. I will now pull my props every 6 months!

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    I once had the same issue,but with both props.My local prop guy loaned me his puller and explained how to get them off.I heated the outside of the props and pulled them off the hubs only leaving the hub to be cut off.I then had him press new hubs into the props I removed .They did not have to ruin your prop, hope that may help for future reference.


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      I had hoped this guy could do the same thing. He was not my first choice; however, since it was the day after Christmas I had to use this guy. He is one of "brute force" types. I was just happy to get the prop off!


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        I have pulled the props off of my outdrive once a year for the past six years. If you use waterproof marine grease on the shafts and rub it it into the grooves with a rag you should not have this problem again. My props always seem to come off with ease. Make sure you use waterproof grease and not just regular bearing grease or the grease will come off.


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          Just about every threaded connection and or tight fitting objects subject to water, moisture, corrosion, dis-simular metals, etc. I use "anti Seize compound", water / heat resistent. Messy when on hands, but worth the latex gloves to ease the staining. Never have I needed any thing but bare hands to slide off my props (> 10 yrs).