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    I am considering a diesel 25cc. What do you experts recommend as to reliability, fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Im also going to be looking into a 25 cc diesel
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      If you are buying a used boat, you will have the choice between straight inboards and the older jackshaft/sterndrive configuration. As you might expect the consensus is that the sterndrive boats are about 10-15% faster with equivalent power and correspondingly also better on fuel economy. The only issue to be mindful of is that there are a fair number of people who had bad experiences with Mercruiser Bravo III drives hooked to a Yanmar Diesel. The engine is excellent and the performance the best of any Diesel 25, but the drive doesn't seem able to handle the torque and they have been known to fail at low hours.

      My old 25 had the Yanmar/BIII setup and would cruise around 27-28 kts burning around 11 gph. Over the course of the entire season running and trolling, I burned an average of about 4 gph over my typical 200 hours. The range was ridiculous with the big fuel tanks -- over 400 miles. The Yanmar is pretty easy to maintain for zincs, impeller, and oil changes and the access is not bad at all. They need a timing belt change around 1200 hours which is something you will want a factory service tech to do. I know several people who have the same Yanmar 6LP and everyone has had excellent reliability from them.

      With a new boat you will be looking at a straight inboard and ideally the Volvo D4-300, which is a very nice and quiet common rail motor. The routine maintenance is also not complicated on the Volvo and access a little better since they are smaller than the Yanmars. More complex maintenance is a job for professionals due to complexity of electronic controls and special equipment that is required.

      If it were me in the market I would be looking at a new boat with the Volvo D4-300 or a straight inboard used boat with the Yanmar 6LP or the Volvo D4-260. Anything else is a little lacking in performance in my opinion.


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        Bluefin gives good advice. The thing you need to figure out before power is the drive choice, do you want I/O or inboard? Bear in mind that the 25 in inboard configuration draws a lot of water and is quite a bit slower than the I/O version and it will cost you more at the fuel dock.

        Although there is still a 25 I/O on the CC website, I don't think you can get one new anymore.

        I think the D-4 300 straight inboard is a no brainer. It doesn't make a lot of sense to buy a mechanical diesel if buying new IMO.
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          cc 25

          I own a 2004 with the Volvo KAD 300 Jackshaft duoprop. It's been very reliable but I also have low hours.

          It is fast. I will try to attach the performance chart for this hull and engine.

          If you're buying new, your only choice will be inboard.

          I will tell you that this engine's belts and impeller are difficult to work on due to the length of the engine. The front of the engine butts right up to the bulkhead. Side and rear access are good though.

          See the chart attached for performance specs.
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            CC 25 Diesel

            The ONLY reason I traded in my 07 25 w/ a yanmar 315 was to buy a new 07 CC 28 with TWO yanmar 315's. Simple engine, purchase the repair manual, spare parts - belts, filters, parts manual perhaps a spare injector.

            I averaged about 7-8 GPH, wot was about 27 knts. Yes...slower than an outdrive, but pretty much bullet proof vessle.

            Hope this helps.
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