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    just wanted to share this with all you boaters. 2 years ago i purchased a 25ft. year 2000 cc [loaded]. it was powered with a Volvo 43p diesel[230hp] with a 1 piece "J" shaft to a Volvo dp outdrive. i was not happy with the system and have sense reowered with a Volvo d4-260 diesel with a 2 piece "J" shaft to a dph [1:85] outdrive. i now have 130 hours on the new system and i couldn't be happier. this is what i get with #5 props.,3-4 guys, gear and 1/2 fuel. WOT 3500,CRUISE 3150, CRUISE SPEED 31-32 mph and average 3mpg. a typical day run is 80 miles running and 40 miles addition to all the above i now have power steering and no shaft noise.what a Christmas present!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL....

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    How did you get a center support in for the two piece shaft? The water tank is in the way on normal installations. A two piece shaft is far smoother in the long run than the single shaft as it's harder to balance.


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      first the installer moved the muffler a bit forward then stiffened up the sides of the tunnel where the bearing is located. he then used a C4 with the legs up and welded on end plates that were lag bolted to the tunnel sides. he had welded studs to the channel for the bearing [pressed metal bearing housing]. it is tight on the water tank but worked perfectly. no vibs john the installer also moved the power trim pump into the engine compartment, very neat.


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        If you ever get the chance some pictures of the conversion would be nice to see. Bill the mfg of the origianla shafts mentioned to me that a two piece shaft would have been more desireable than the one piece. The one piece shaft works fine as long as the balance is maintained.

        I considered a two piece when I had him replace the tube on my shaft recently but didn't see a practical way to install it due to the extremely low clearance between the shaft and the tank. I only have about an inch clearance.


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          sorry can't do pic's but would be glad to answer any questions....bob


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            who is the manufacturer of the 2 pc shafts and approx cost of retrofit?

            Does anyone know the manf of the 2 pc shafts and an approx. $ to retrofit?
            2001 28\' 230 Volvo Diesels


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              2 pc shaft

              this was done in conjunction with the installation of the new motor and out-drive therefore i don't have a separate price for the shaft. i believe the installer used a local machine shop that specializes in drive shafts. the job was done in tucson, az.


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                Northeast Distributors in Elizabeth City, NC can make you one. Their phone number is (252) 335-1844. I suspect he makes the Albmarle shafts. He made the CC one piece shafts and we were talking about a two piece one when I had him replace the tube on my one piece shaft last month.

                In his opinion a two piece is far superior to a one piece but in the 25 it would be a little work which Robert Faloon above was successful in getting done. There isn't much room between the water tank and the shaft. I only have about 1". If a center bearing block could be mounted upside down it would work as the shaft where the bearing block would ride would be a lot smaller than the 2 3/4" diameter one piece shaft. I never though of maybe turning the center bearing block upside down and mounting to the sides of the tunnel.

                I wish I had though about it more and I might would have taken another look at it. the one piece shaft new runs about $1500 to $1600 complete. I just had the shaft replaced and used the original CV joints which are quite expensive. That cost me $742 and the shaft was balanced but might need some more balancing once installed. He said the first one he made for CC didn't need additional balancing and mine didn't have any weights on it either.

                It was interesting how they balance the shafts. He puts a dial indicator on it in five spots and where it is out of round in each area they heat the high spot and when it cools that section drops some. It's not quite that simple but that's the basics of it.

                My shaft was bad out of round. I bought the boat without the engine and I don't know what was done to the shaft to make it so bad out of round. I couldn't be balanced perfectly so that's why I had it repaired