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    As many of you know, my boat was stolen and the engines were destroyed. I talked to Mac about sending the boat back to CC for a repower to 8.1 crusaders. Jack shafts with duoprops.

    A friend just took a job with Yanmar and he called this morning. He had heard of my plight and will sell me engines at his cost. What size do i need for the 28 with tower? I know there have been several post on this subject brand A vs Brand B. But I don't want to reread all the post. Who has a Yanmar, what size and pros vs cons or stick with the Crusaders.
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    I have two 2001 315 hp Yanmars in my CC28. They are the older style (lower RPMs then the new ones) and I cruise at 28-30 kts @ 3000 RPMs. They each use about 12 gph at that speed. These engines are great in the 28'.


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      Yanmar 315

      I had a set of yanmar 315's with a set of Bravo III x -rives. I loved the engines, but had several failures with the drives. My understanding is that the Merc drives just won't handle the torque of the diesel engines. I know there were a few owners that changed over to volvo outdrives and I think had good success.

      The boat fully loaded with a tackle shop, and five guys would honestly cruise at 31 knots. Top was 36.


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        Current Drives

        I know that your standard volvo outdrives sold with the gas engines won't handle the torque either. You will have to get drives for the diesels if you go with over 300 hp.


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          I just bought my new 07 CC 28 with the 315 Yanmars because I loved the single 315 in my 07 CC 25 inboard. No experience with outdrives here. Pretty simple engine with good fuel burn. Not much smoke when started or during a hard run. (filters, belts, impellers, manuals, etc.) are EXPENSIVE.
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            I also had a Yanmar 6LP in a 25 with a Mercury Bravo III drive and would strongly advise against that combination. The engine was fine and never gave any problems but as Hey Doc said, the Bravo drive is not up to the task. I thought I recalled from your original posts at the time of the theft that your drives were ruined also.

            The guy that bought the boat from me looked into switching to a Volvo Duoprop drive after blowing his second Bravo III. Apparently Layton's Boatworks (next to the factory) has done this a few times. The issue is that the installation will not be certified by Volvo and thus the warranty on the drives will almost certainly be invalid. I don't believe it would affect the engine warranty but with new motors that could be an issue as well. My point is that you would need to check carefully and document in writing the warranty consequences of mixing a Yanmar with a Volvo drive if you go that way.

            Yanmar has recently released the 6BY, a new motor that is a marinized BMW engine with less displacement and hp than the old standby 6LP. As a result, I would imagine it is much less likely to destroy a Bravo drive. I believe Yanmar sells them packaged with the Bravo III so that might be an option from a cost standpoint. The 6BY doesn't have much of a track record but since it is a very modern electronically controlled common rail Diesel, it is probably a lot quieter, smoother, and smokefee compared to even the pretty nice 6LP. I think the 6BY might be a little low on displacement for a straight inboard but with outdrives I am sure you would get very good performance, pehaps 28-30 kt cruise at good fuel burn of maybe 18-19 gph (just guessing).

            Another option you might consider given the mess these people left you is a conversion to straight inboard using the bigger Yanmars and doing away with the outdrives. There would be holes to plug of course and shaft logs and rudders to install, but given that two new drives would be very expensive, it might still be cheaper. The feasibility of that is something you would have to ask Mac, however. It may have been done.