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  • jack shaft on 25

    i'm new to the site,just bought a 2000 25.I haven't had a chance to fish it just work on it which i enjoy. can anyone direct me on how to service the jackshaft. the owners manual doesn't say much about this. i know that there are grease fittings someplace. also while i have the drive removed is there other work i should perform. by the way the boat has a kamd44p with 700hrs,how important is servicing the heat exchanger at this point. any info will be greatly helpful even on other issues i should be aware of.

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    The jack shaft probably doesn't need any servicing. The CV joints on each end are packed with molybdenum grease and are actually worked very little in comparison to a automobile axle CV joint. There is about a 1 degree offset from the front to rear to keep a little tension on the joints which will reduce the rattle that you hear when shutting down. If you remove it from the boat you are chancing losing your balance on the shaft as a small amount alignment change to just removing and reinstalling it will enter into play. It might not be any change at all and there might be a very small chance that it won't be back in exactly the original location with respect to centering. A well balance shaft before instalation might not require any further balancing. mine didn't have any weights on it originally.

    If you have one that is rusty and do a super cleaning job on it you can expect your balance to change some. I just went thru that and ended up having the original mfg. located in Elizabeth City, NC put a new shaft between the old joints as it was requiring a lot of weight and never could be balanced properly. That ran about $700. I also wouldn't step on the shaft as you would probably throw the balance off also


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      thank you for the reply,mine doesn,t have any rust on it. i'm trying to cover as many service issues as i can myself. its amazing how expensive volvo parts and service are.have a nice holiday


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        On the outdrive, you will need to grease the carrier bearing (from the inside of the transom on the DPE drive on the CC2, when doing this, Volvo recomends removing the drive to inspect the grease that pushes out for water... if it contains water the bearing will need replaced. I found that I can see the grease with out remioving the drive, just pulling the bellow towards the drive, but do not forget to grease the pins on the drive, so if you have to remove it, they will come out somewhat easy down the road. Also be sure to inspect the rubber bellow, I plan to replace mine every 2 yrs. I jsut got the shop manual and part schematic for the drives, so if you got any questions give me a yell.


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          thanks for the info im going to check that out,i was looking in there but didnt see the fitting im going to look again more closely