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Solenoid or hatch lifter going bad?

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  • Solenoid or hatch lifter going bad?

    Went down to boat today 28', flipped on main only, went to lift hatch, heard a few clicks and the sony radio "turning off beeps" and the main red light was off, hatch didn't budge

    went up to helm and flipped main,red light back on, hatch raised 2nd time with no problem...hatch motor sounded strong.

    lowered it and went home

    my question is before I lose the ability to lift my hatch, does this sound like the solenoid is going bad? I have read a few posts about that, but at first I thought there might be a short in the hatch lift system causing the breaker/switch to trip

    but there has been so much written about the solenoid, figured I might ask


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    Typically when you turn the switch on the dash on and it doesn't respond initially - it is the selenoid. Not sure what your situation might be - dead battery??
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      yeah, i had thought that too, but why would the main switch turn off because of a dead battery? also, when I flipped the main again, everything worked fine on same batteries...engines fire up right away lately too, replaced batteries about a year ago


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        Solonoid is going bad or there is corosion on the terminals. My bet would be corosion. Battery is good if it lifts the hatch. Also you may have a dash switch going bad. Either case a cheap fix. Got my solonoid at Boaters World.
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          thanks, I am going to pick up a spare solenoid and main switch, and spray everything again with corrosion block again.



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            Just remember to only turn the main on and off with all other breakers and switches in the off position. Turning it on and off with a load causes the terminals on the solenoid to arc and burn and eventually fail.
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              Didn't know that

              Ok I got a question. All switches off, turn main off and it still glows red. Turn the electronics on, main goes off (dark). What gives?
              "Addison Leigh"
              1995 Carolina Classic 28'
              Wrightsville Beach, NC


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                You are dealing with a couple of solenoids between the power source and the hatch lift hydraullic pump.
                1. The main as discussed which provides a lot more sources (everything but bilge pumps) such that it is not just related to the hydraullic pump.

                2. You also have two solenoids right at the hatch lift pump. One is for "up" and one "down". See photo here: http://www.carolinaclassicboatowners...ead.php?t=1929

                To isolate if the solenoids at the lift pump are bad just use an appropriate size wire (jumper cable will work) and go from a 12V battery source directly to the hot and ground terminals on the pump side of the solenoids. If the hatch works that way you then know 100% it is a power supply problem and not the hatch lift pump.
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                  from day one I always turn the main on first, then the rest....and follow in reverse when shutting down for the day
                  I will bring a jumper too...thanks for the replies