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Engine block in winter

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  • Engine block in winter

    I have a 25 Yanmar st. inboard and want to know has anyone installed a block heater as I usually keep my boat in the water till mid Dec. Last year I put a space heater on low in my engine compartment. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I also have about 280 hrs on my new engine and have noticed lately a 2-5 degree increase in temp. I plan on changing my impellar next week.

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    Pan heater

    Search for the thread on Winterizing and heaters that I started a few months ago. The Wolverine's do wonders keeping everything warm, rust free and dry . . .

    As for your temperature creep definately look at your raw water circuit. Impeller is the start point, but also look for growth and scale in your cooler bundles (air, fuel, exchanger, gear). Typically small changes accross the whole circuit lead to a degree here and a degree there that start adding up . . . We see this alot with our customer(s) boats that stay in the water year round . . .
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