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Anyone using Star-Tron diesel fuel treament

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  • Anyone using Star-Tron diesel fuel treament

    I have not been using any additives in my diesel fuel. I am very leery of additives and was wondering if any of you are using the Star-Tron or something better? Thanks Charlie
    2004 Carolina Classic 25, Volvo KAMD 300 diesel...."SHARKTALES"

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    i have a 1998 cc 25 with a kamd 43 i have been useing the startron for 2 season works very well for me keeps fuel clean less, sout, very good for injectors i use it every time i fuel up ....the main thing with deisel fuel tanks is to keep them full, after using the boat fuel up....the less air in the tank the less condensation.

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      I am in the trucking buisness and I use the Lucas and it works fine aswell.


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        I just starting using a product that I heard that Mac recommended to another carolina classic owner and the product is called AJX perfect fuel products. I to was leary of using any additives in my boat but I needed something to add to the fuel for the winter months so the fuel does not gel up. I called these people and they convinced me that this is the product to use. I added the first batch in October of this year and used the boat a few time and it ran good. If you are not sure you can ask Mac what he thinks about this product.

        The company is AJ Aqua Products
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          I Put Some In My 2500 Hd Chevy The Other Day And She Seems To Be Running Much Better. I Have Not Put It In My 32 Yet,, I Want To Try The Ajx Fuel Add In My 32.. We Will See And Keep It Posted...


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            I checked out AJX site it sounds like a good product along with the Star-tron. I will check with Mac and see what he says. I also had a guy tell me he adds 4 ozs of Mystery oil to every 10 gallons of fuel to make up for the lack of lube in the low sulfer diesel. Ever here of this? I will keep you informed what Mac has to say.

            Thanks Charlie
            2004 Carolina Classic 25, Volvo KAMD 300 diesel...."SHARKTALES"


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              new UL sulfur fuels supposedly have extra lubricants added to the fuel to replace the lost sulfur according to the fuel manufcturers....that is just what they have said in print, so don't know if it true, or must be true due to risk of lawsuit if proved wrong to millions of over the road truckers

              what is Mac's reasoning for AJX? a few years back he was recommending Howes Meaner power cleaner to reduce injector issues, and after buying a case we replace all of our injectors 2 times....Mac is extremely helpful, but sometimes snake oil is just that

              does look like AJX has some favorable internet forum results such as hull truth, hatteras owners etc.

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                I am deeply suspicious of all the miracle additives with the possible exception of biocides to control things growing in the fuel. If it was all so great the oil refiners would be adding the stuff for competitive reasons. More importantly, I can't see putting something through the engine unless that manufacturer says to use it. That being said, with the Yanmar 6LP I had in my old 25, the Yanmar distributor Mack Boring did recommend something called FPPF. I used it and it definitely made a noticeable difference in soot on the transom and the motor seemed to run a little smoother and with a little lower EGT at cruise.

                I am not aware of any recommendations from Volvo Penta for their motors.