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KAMD300A Volvo's?

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  • KAMD300A Volvo's?

    Anyone have any experience / input on these moteors - I am looking at a 28CC equipped w/ them. Powerful enough? Maintenence?

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    I had a 2004 with them. Engine access on the inboard and aft sides of the engines are easy....outboard and towards the bow access were not easy. Especially if you have a genset. Luckily, all filters are easily enough to access....impellars are not. This was the only real shortcoming this boat had. They were powerful enough to push the boat along at about a 28 knot cruise and 32-34 knot top end. Parts are very expensive....I had an alternator replaced under warranty, and if it had not been covered it would have cost over $750.00 installed by a factory authorized service center. I had no problems in the 275 hours I ran them....very little smoke and no breakdowns. If I bought another CC28, I would look at Cummins 4BTA's....a little less HP, but better fuel economy, ease of access for servicing, and availability of parts and their lower cost. Ask the same question at of good info on these engines there.


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      I have about

      600 hrs on a pair of KAMD300's in my 04 28. I like them a lot. I don't have a generator so I have pretty good front end access, once I maneuver my body up there. Changing my impellers, for example, is easy. Port side oil and fuel filters are a bit more difficult to get to than starboard - but still not bad. I pretty much agree with the things Wolakrab said about parts being expensive. But the 4BTA250's would not keep me happy. I think I need the 285 HP I have to get up on plane quickly when I'm fully loaded. I typically cruise around 26 - 28 knots and can do about 30 - 32 WOT on glass.

      Lets see... as far as repairs I have had done. I had a very small coolant leak on the port side at about 400 hrs - I opted to have the seal that was causing the leak replaced. I also had a super charger clutch replaced this past summer cuz it kept blowing fuses. The repair was quick and easy but it did cost me about $750, mostly the part cost.
      Steve on Reel Screamer
      2004 Carolina Classic 28


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        Love my KAMD300s

        I have KAMD300s in 2003 Carolina Classic straight inboards, tower and genset.

        “Powerful enough?”- yes, this a very good fit for the boat. The Carolina Classic is heavy and definitely needs the power. I get about the same results as Wolakrab and Twinfin, cruising at 28 and top out at 32-34kts. I average 1.3-1.4 miles per gallon.

        “Maintenance?”- Volvo maintenance is expensive. The engines are a very tight fit with limited access, but maintenance is do-able. (just don’t get the biggest mechanic to work on it.) Overall, I am very happy with the engines. I have 450 hours on them.
        Nick 2003 CC28 KAMD300