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Boat taking on water

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  • Boat taking on water

    28' on lift high and dry. Put in water within an hour it pumps out 5 to ten gallons out of aft bilge. Bellows replaced 10 months ago. Ay thoughts?


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    Is your stern plug in?? On a J/S boat the bellows is the obvious/primary source for water instrusion. Pull your floor boxes out and set the boat down in the lift and look around with a light and find out where it is coming from. Are the transom shield(s) snug so that the bellows is seated properly?? Are your lines for your fish box macerators hooked to the bottom of the box(s)??

    If you can't find it let Scott (757.962.8710) know and we can get someone over there to look at it


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      Transom plug and macerator ok. Waters seem to be in center I see no water with fish boxes pulled. Boat is in Colington Harbor NC, I’m going to pull live well and have a look this weekend, Thanks for info I will call Scott if I don’t see anything still.

      Thanks again Al
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        I have a similar problem on my 25 but not anywhere near that much. I'm looking at the head discharge as when it's on a rack the boat sets so that it totally drains and when it's put in the water before the engine is run, I see a extremely small rivlett of water flowing out from under the engine compartment sub floor. The engine compartment floor is totally dry.

        I didn't feel any water in the front bilge area??? (head is out of the boat so I have full access to that area)