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Volvo D-series injector service time?

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  • Volvo D-series injector service time?

    Hee hee - I have 1250 hr's on my D-4's and have been chasing a minor performance issue for 3 months. After a canyon trip in July I noticed some steam on one side and found that engine burning 3% more fuel.

    Much analysis has followed w/ Volvo - that engine is definitely down 60-70RPM's; and reaches 3570 while the other hits the governor at 3630. It also gives a good mechanical style puff of blakc smoke going over the hump for 1 second only and seems to steam a bit at cruise. Vodia tests show it lagging the other by 20 RPM right up to 3500 where it starts to fall off further.

    We swapped a manifold air sensor which read 80 degree air temp a WOT w/ no real change. We're going to have a look at fuel restrictions but my mechanic suspects a clogged injector.

    On the old mechanicals; injector service time was 800-1000 hr's - any one have a clue what the common raise service interval is for injectors?

    And yes; while we are chasing fuel side air leaks I'm going to replace the fuel pick ups proactively thanks for that tip!