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Bent steering shaft

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  • Bent steering shaft

    First noticed a small drip under my steering column and then realized that the shaft is bent. Maybe even the wheel.This was obviously caused from raising the hatch to far without removing helm seat.Anyone else have a similiar problem and if yes do they sell the individual parts seperately? My rig is an 06 25 ST.Yanmar.

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    Bent steering shaft

    Been there, done that. On the 28 CC sells the steering shaft assembly. Easy to install, 3 bolts (I think) and the hydraulic lines. It cost me $260.00 if I remember right.

    However, I will tell you that Mac said sometimes you can straighten them out by using a 2 x 4 and applying "a little pressure". Didn't work for me, but it might for you (mine started leaking fluid immediately).



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      straightening may help the shaft alignmet but will do nothing for your leak . Been there as well. Best suggestion is to change helm. I now keep a spare at home. THe problem with these seastar helms is that you cannot change the seal.
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        bent shaft.......

        I believe you can actually change that seal. At least in the Sea Star HH5271.
        I got the seals at

        But I agree with you that it is better to just replace the helm pump. With the shaft assembly kit at $260 and no idea what other damage to the bearing/racing face or housing, etc. the pump is $456 and probably easier and less time to replace. Don't ask me how I know this because I would NEVER be so lame as to forget to take off the helm seat before opening the engine hatch........ya, right.


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          Nice to know that misery has company. I will get to this as soon as the blackfish stop biting. Untill then I will add fluid as needed. Tomorrow forecast NE 15-20 gusts to 30 and Im going fishing. Carolina Rules!


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            bent helm shaft

            I thought that I was the only one with a beny shaft. I have an 06 28' and bent it while hanging on in rough seas. I replaced the soft aluminum shaft with a stainless steel for about $100 and it has been good since.