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Windshield Wiper Electrical Question

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  • Windshield Wiper Electrical Question

    Good day. On the '06 '32, the center/starboard wiper switch is three postition, off in the middle, up engages the center windshield wiper and down engages both the center and port wipers. On this switch, am observing that a) in the down position, the port wiper doesn't start though the center one does and b) in the up position the center one starts. Curiously, the starboard wiper (on a separate two position switch and working) as well as the center wiper are both very slow in returning to home, almost as if there's not enough juice to get them home after their respective switch is turned off. Before I get carried away and fix something that's not broken or replace a motor that I needn't, thought I'd ask if anyone's had a similar experience. Appreciate! Regards, John

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    I have an 05-32 and had similar problems. I spoke with the mfg. and they sent me some photo's showing how to adjust the wiper swing angle (it is easy). They reccomend a max of 110/120 deg., but they can be set to swing more than that. On examination mine were set to more than 120 deg. So I adjusted them to just below the max and they have been fine since.

    MFG. link:

    Good Luck,



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      Windshield Wiper Problem

      Blue-Moon: Thank you for the link, helpful to me. Hope your season was a good one! John