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Question about belts on 7.4L Volvo?

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  • Question about belts on 7.4L Volvo?

    I was working on my 7.4L carb'ed boat this weekend aand decided to change the belts. I have two belts... one is going to the raw water pump that is driven from a small pulley on the crankshaft and one belt is going to the water pump and alternator that is driven from the large crank pulley.

    Are there only two belts? It looks like you could run a small belt from the crankshaft pulley to the water pump. Should there be a belt there as well?


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    I am familiar with the older 7.4 engines (1994) and they only had two belts. One for the raw water pump and a second one that went from the crank to the engine water pump, over the alternator and to an odd idler pulley on the port side of the engine. I removed the idler and replaced it with a second alternator. Now I have two alternator belts (same size) and one belt for the raw water pump.


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      Thanks, Diesel.

      The reason I ask is over the summer my belt powering the water pump/alternator broke and I overheated (engine alarm warned me). That one belt is pretty important.

      I was wondering if I should put a double pulley on my alternator and run two belts in parallel.

      Anyone else doing this?