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  • 4BT250 starter

    Hopefully someone has experienced the problem I am having and can help me out. I have 99 CC28 with 4BT250 cummins, the port motor starter was not disengaging properly. The starter is staying engaged for 2 to 5 seconds after the motor would start. I first switched the ignition switches which made no difference. I then pulled the starter and sent it out, had a new solenoid installed and drive. It was bench tested for one hour with numerous starts and operated perfectly. I installed the starter yesterday and I still have the same symptoms. If I jump the starter manually at the starter the problem does not occur, if I snap start the motor with the ignition switch the problem does not occur, but if I start the motor normally with the igniton switch it still stays engaged with the rebuilt starter 1-3 seconds now. I installled a new igniton switch which changed nothing. I am down to thinking I have a chaffed or grounded wire, not shore if I am missing something here. If anyone else has experienced this problem I would appreciate any help.
    WELL DONE - Henry
    2006 CC 28
    Home Port - Cape May, NJ