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  • Hatch Problem????

    While running back in on Sun. I was cruising @3400(my normal cruising speed) and heard a loud thump under my helm seat. I first thought it was the cooler sliding back and hitting the tackle center. The boat ran fine back to the dock with no noticeable signs. I tried to lift the hatch to shut the battery and all I hear is the motor running and the hatch doesn’t open. If I blew a hydraulic cylinder I don’t under stand why it would go with out being operated. I will manually lift the hatch this weekend to see what the damage is. Is there anything I should do before lifting the hatch besides shutting off the bypass valve? It’s a CC25 with a KAMD44 jack shaft

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    This is information from an old thread in March 07 - thought it might be useful to you to help rebuilding the cylinder.

    If they are the same ones that I have on my 1998 28' - they were manufactured by Control Line Equipment, Inc.; 14750 Industrial Parkway, Cleveland, Ohio 44135 Tele: 216-433-7766 Fax: 216-433-7664 web site:

    The seal kits for the cylinders is SRKCLH 1-1/8-0

    That is the seal kit for a cylinder with a 1-1/8" bore.

    The contact that I had received from the factory was Dees Fluid Power; 3431 Lorna Lane, Birmingham, AL 35216 Tel: 410-679-1666 - but they actually got the cylinders from Control Line Equipment.

    My seals actually were sent by Control Line Equipment and billed to Dees - but you should be asble to deal with them directly.
    Capt. B

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      Thanks Capt. B

      I hope that's all it is. Just wondering what that thump was.


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        A couple of weeks ago after lowering my hatch on my 28 I heard a loud thump. Tried to lift back up and one side did not move. Manually lifted the hatch (actually had one guys lift the failed side and let the other ram lift the hatch). Turns out the bolt that connects the ram to the u-joint had sheared. I ordered a replacement from CC and had to easy out the broken piece in the tip of the ram. Once I purchased a drill bit that would penetrate the bolt it took about 15 minutes to fix. I'm guessing the same problem may have happened to you. Once that bolt lets go the lack of weight causes the ram to extend to its max instantaneously, hence the thump sound.
        Jim B.
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          I manually lifted the hatch on Sat. and everything looks ok. I wasn’t able to investigate beyond a quick glance because the skies opened up. I just got off the phone with Mac and he thinks it may be electrical. I will check it out this Sat.