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  • Shower Bildge Pump

    I just noticed that my shower bildge pump was burnt out, it was poping fuses and I traced this back to the shower bildge pump was burnt out the pump started to melt. I am not sure if I received the boat this way as I bought this as a dealer demo and I have never used the shower at all. I was doing something on the motor and noticed that the fuse was poped so after trying to replace the fuse and it kept poping I traced this back to the shower bildge pump. I replaced the pump kit and all seems to be working fine.

    I was wondering if anyone knows what hoses are connected to this shower bildge pump box? I am not sure if the waste water from the sink also goes to this bildge pump box. I noticed that there is a hose from the shower to the box as well as another black hose which I am not sure where this hose comes from and the a clear hose to the throuhole outlet on the side of the boat.

    Does anyone know how this is set up?

    Thanks for your replys.
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    i think the sink drains overboard direct..


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      I'm not sure but I thought that the shower water just went down into the bilge and got pumped out when the level rose high enough.
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        NO - there is a seperate shower bilge pump - but I believe I only have one hose going in and one discharge hose - which discharges behind my refrig on the port side. The fresh water has to be on in order for the pump to activate I believe.
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          I just replaced my shower sump assembly.
          Wiring: always powered up, same as the bilge pumps. If the sump fills it will automatically cycle.
          Fuse is location is on the panel/box with the three battery solenoids.
          Bottom fuse on mine.
          The hoses are:
          Drain in the head floor goes to the sump pump collector box. The drain goes up behind the refrigerator, and drains directly overboard.


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            Shower Sump Pump

            I have 3 hoses attached to mine on 2004 28' C/C one hose is attached to the shower carries water to the pump and the other carries water to the thruhull fitting and another black hose is connected to the sump pump box which is the hose I am questioning, what is this hose for?
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              Shower Sump Bump


              Just the replaced the float switch in the sump pump 3 weeks ago, I had the Shower Drain hose, the AC condesate drain hose,, and then the hose to the thru hull to pump overboard.

              Hope this helps